The site you want, within your budget

You may know exactly what you want from a Web site, or perhaps you're not sure. Get in touch, and we'll discuss developing a Website which fits in with your overall business plans. You may be amazed at how useful a Web site can be in helping you to grow your business.

We'll create a plan for your site so your site can grow with your business

Your site can grow with your business. Perhaps you want to start with a small site which gives your new and current customers information about your business, and products and services. Or perhaps you want to create a new site to promote a new aspect of your business. Maybe you have a site already which hasn't done as well as you hoped: we can revamp the site to help you attract customers and make sales. It all starts with a plan.

We'll plan for:

  • Site design, including graphics and logos, either supplied by you or created by us.
  • Create your site using responsive web design so it looks good in all devices such desktop, laptop, tablet and phone. 
  • Domain name search and registration: your address on the Web. (Australian businesses have a Web address like "" or dot biz, dot org etc is your domain name.) We handle all the details, including e-mail addresses.
  • Web site hosting, with high-speed connections and security.
  • E-commerce: secure server credit card transactions, shopping carts, and gateways, so you can start selling immediately.
  • Keywords and phrases for your meta tags, which are codes inserted into your Web pages so that Web search engines can index them easily and so that your customers can find you.
  • Site traffic analytics to see who is coming to your site.

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Use your site to publicise your business

A Web site is an effective, low-cost business promotional tool. Half the households in Australia have online access from home, and 90% of Australian businesses have online access, so whether you're selling to consumers, or to other businesses, your Web site can quickly become your primary promotional tool.

Your site saves you money when you promote your business, by:

  • Reducing advertising and other marketing costs. You can eliminate costly brochures and associated mailing costs. You can minimise the cost of display ads. (Make display ads smaller and refer customers to your Web site address for further information).
  • Reducing time spent on the phone discussing your products and services. You can refer your customers to your site so they can get the information they need at any time, even outside business hours.
  • Attracting new business cheaply. A Web site introduces your business to new customers and suppliers, and you don't have to do a thing to find them. Your customers and suppliers self-select when they find you through a search engine.
  • Your site makes it easy for customers to give feedback.
  • Your Web site makes test-marketing easy, you can test-market a new product on your Web site to gauge customer reaction.
  • You can find out why your products are selling or why not.
  • Your site makes it easy for your customers to let you know what they want. 
  • If you wish, we can create questionnaires for you to post on your site.

Use your site to give information about your business

The more information they have, the more comfortable your customers are doing business with you.
Of course, you can move all your current promotional material to your Web site. In addition, because you're not hampered by printing and postage costs, you can add as much information as you need. Tell your customers exactly why they need your products, and exactly what the products can do for them. On the Web, the more information you can provide, the better.

We can update your site on a schedule you choose, or at call.

We can add video and sound to your site

The more information they have, the more your customers feel comfortable doing business with you. And on the Web, the information you can give your customers isn't limited to words and images about you, your products and services. We can add video and sound to your site. You can show your products in use and emphasise their benefits.

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Use your site to sell

Want to sell online but reluctant to take on more work? We can do all the hard graft of setting up a fully functional e-commerce site for you. Your site will sell 24x7, to customers all over the world.

Sell one product or thousands

You know what you want to sell; we'll make sure your customers can buy your products with a couple of clicks. We'll:

  • Create an online catalogue for your products, with images and text.
  • Organise secure server credit card transactions.
  • Check your site periodically to make sure it's working properly.
  • You can also add or edit your own products directly.

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