Search Engines - Promotion

Have you advertised your site or promoted it in any way? Don't keep it a secret. Tell everyone.

It can take months for Internet search engines to index your site and start sending you traffic. Include your web site address on all your stationary, business cards, promotional materials, talk about it - the more you promote, the more traffic you will get.

Access your site traffic logs. We set up a statistics tracker on every web site we create, which will show you who came to your site, what they looked at, what browser they used - a whole range of information - which we can provide to you as a report, or which you can check yourself.

A computer program which searches indexes of Internet addresses using key words.

What does a search engine do with my site information?
It indexes the information provided in your site's coding, and depending on the search engine, indexes some or all of the site text.

That's a huge topic. There are dozens of ways to promote your site.

Site promotion is best checked out online; many Internet sites are devoted to online marketing and promotion. Click this link to search Google for "Website promotion marketing".

No. It could be disastrous. You may get your URLs banned. Many search engines take a dim view of anyone submitting URLs repeatedly. Once your site is listed, it's listed. When search engines change criteria, or you change a page on your site, we can resubmit accordingly.

That depends on the search engine. Some search engines have strict rules about what they'll index. Check out the Help file of the search engine you're interested in.

Beware the dreaded frames 
You need to be aware that search engines can't index “framed” sites, because they can't index the framed pages, only the main page. (You can recognise a framed site because the main part of the screen scrolls while say the top and/or side of the screen doesn’t.) This can seriously affect your site’s ranking. We don’t recommend framed sites.

Depending on your site, you may need to pay if you want a reasonable ranking. You can spend a lot of time and make a study of search engine indexing and ranking and tinker with your site to improve your ranking, but it tends to be a full time job with no guarantee of results. Paying is easier. (However, it still doesn't guarantee you a top listing.)

If you just want more traffic to your site, check out the dozens of ways to promote your site. Search engines are only one way to drive traffic to your site.