Domain Names

It's part of the Internet address hierarchy. "" is your domain name: your Internet address in the dot com (Commercial) hierarchy.

Chiefly because it makes it easier for people to find your business online if your business has its own domain name.

Additionally, with your own domain name you get a permanent e-mail address (like ), which you can safely promote everywhere. Without your own domain name, if you decide to change to another ISP, say from to , you'll need to change all your stationary etc. By using your .com e-mail address, you never have to change it, regardless of which ISP you use.

No. No more than you'd stop paying your phone bill and pull the phone out of the wall when you get a new phone number. You still need network access. Your Internet Services Provider gives you access to the Internet network, just as Telstra or Optus give you access to the telephone network.