The World Wide Web is a only small subset of the vast computer "network of networks" which is the Internet. Many private research, educational, financial, and commercial networks are part of the greater Internet, as is the e-mail system and Usenet.

You can access some of the other networks on the Internet via gateways, but not all --- you can't access the many large private corporate, government, financial and military networks for example.

The telephone directory with your listing are only delivered to people in your local area. With a Web site, anyone anywhere can find you. They don't need to live in your area. It's just as easy for someone who lives in Timbuktu to find your business as it is for someone who lives next door to you.

Whether you want to sell online or not, a Web site is an excellent, cost-efficient way to provide information about your business. It's accessible to anyone, at any time. Other reasons you might consider a Web site:

  • a site cuts down on your phone time with tyre-kickers. After they've visited your Web site, only people genuinely interested in your product or service will call you;
  • it gives your business credibility;
  • it introduces your business to other businesses and suppliers;
  • it's a 24x7 marketing tool.

An Internet Services Provider. See above.

Yes. Once you become more familiar with what your customers need and are looking for, you can expand accordingly.

What do you want current and potential customers, suppliers, and the public in general to know about your business? Include whatever you think is relevant. Check out the sites of businesses similar to yours, and see what information they provide.